A little while back, we posted Liz’s 10 tips for overcoming writer’s block (which you can read here and here). Five months and three more lockdowns later, many writers are struggling more than ever to find inspiration for their creative endeavours. Little wonder when our brain space is taken up with anxiety and case numbers, and our worlds are confined to the 5k radius around our homes.

With springtime just around the corner, it feels like we have once again wasted half the year indoors. The seemingly endless cycle of snap-lockdowns and semi-freedom has produced a kind of writer’s block that is not easy to combat. Writers have long lamented not having the time and space to write, but now that we have all the time and space we could ever ask for, we don’t know what to do with it. We need incidental meetings with strangers, people-watching, or deep and meaningful conversations with close friends to spur on our creativity.

So if you’re struggling to put pen to paper, here are some tips to help get you writing again so you can finish that manuscript you started back in lockdown 1.0:

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